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Some call Stephanie Forryan a singer-songwriter. She thinks of herself as a song-hunter. Perhaps her rugged approach to the profession came from her rural New England upbringing.

Barefoot on the back porch was where she “found” her first song, letting her fingers wander the neck of an old acoustic guitar. She started stalking simple folk songs but quickly wandered into rock and pop territory. Her journey first led her to Berlin, Germany, where she officially launched her music career. Since then she’s been traveling the world performing, writing, and recording alongside some of Europe’s most talented artists.

In 2015 Stephanie returned to her solo career with an online concert series on YouTube, live performances, and her debut solo EP: Dreamer. This collection of gentle folk songs is both traditional and refreshing with unexpected arrangements and mesmerizing harmonies.

April 2016 saw the release of her first full-length solo album: Sweet Insomnia. These ten songs are all about the emotions that keep us awake at night: The excitement of the unknown, the joy of love, or the nervous voices that whisper us awake from dreams.  The rich production and colorful songwriting reflect the lively inner workings of the artist while the tenderness of her performances is captured in fragile webs of vocal layering.

Stephanie is now promoting the Sweet Insomnia album with concerts, radio interviews, and videos. Her weekly “Monday Music Minutes” vlog documents her journey as an independent artist. She may do everything herself, but she is not alone: She has the help of her patrons! Find out more about Patreon and how to support her creative process by joining her League of Patrons here.

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