Working in the hit factory

Making dreams come true...


I love working with people who are on fire for their art - this week I got to work with a talented singer-songwriter at Klangwerk Studios to make sure his album will be tip-top!


Candlelight Concert


I was booked for a candle light concert - so much fun!


Get your DIVA on!


After a week of pipes bursting and cold showers I decided I would "get my diva on" and warm myself up with something fun: A new song for the Living Album Project!



Wedding bells!


Stephanie gets lost on the way to the church - and finds a brass band!



Singing, sound check and... subway face?


Cabaret artist Peter Fischer invited me to perform with him at his show, Fischer & Friends!



Song Sketch #2!


This second song sketch was captured late at night in my kitchen with just a cell phone - I would love to work on this one for the album!



Behind the music



The writing phase of The Living Album Project has officially begun and the first song sketch is online! How will it turn out? No one knows, not even the songwriter. ;-)

Here's one example of what can happen to a song during the creative process:



The First Song Sketch!


The first song sketch for the living album is online!




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New music on the way!


New music is on the way - in the form of a living album!

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