Share your music!


The #MayMusicMeetup Instagram challenge is for anyone who makes music, mixes music, or loves music. Use it to tell your story and share your talent in pictures and videos! Watch some of the videos I've been posting about below.


How #MayMusicMeetup works:

1. Use the daily prompts (below) as the theme for your posts each day in the month of May.
2. Use the hashtag #MayMusicMeetup so that the community can find you and your posts!
3. Mention me in the caption so that I'll see what you're up to! My Instagram handle is @stephanieforryan.

Late to the game? No worries! The more the merrier, so jump right in!

Here are the prompts:


#MayMusicMeetup Instagram Challenge 2018 prompts


Here are some of the things I've been talking about in my posts:


On May 18:


On May 5:


On May 2:



On May 1:



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