Winter is here.

Time to cuddle up and buckle down.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything for all of us, but it hasn't all been for the bad. Yes, I've been frustrated and heartbroken by all the crumbling of best-laid plans. I mean…


Beautiful moments in 2020


There were many highlights and small joys in 2020, despite all the hurdles and disappointments the year held. This moment was one of those bright spots.

One day in the height of summer, I got a message from Thomas, who…


Old is gold

I found this old one in my archives. :-D Happy holidays!



A favorite by Dar Williams

This song by Dar Williams has long been a favorite of mine because it approaches a complex topic with such sweetness and humanity.



Stephanie's music streaming on 38 stations

Backstage - die NewcomerShow has a new format: Happy Hour! And Stephanie will be featured as an artist on Sunday June 21, 2020. She'll also be in the group's Facebook chat during the stream - click the button below to…


Stephanie featured on Backstage - die Newcomershow!

May 2020: Video of the week

Stephanie's cover of the "Eye in the Sky" is the featured video on the Backstage website all week starting on June 6, 2020! This clever commentary on privacy in the age of the Internet…

A deadly source of inspiration

COVID19 Kills SXSW but Sparks Wave of Creativity Among Musicians Who are Forced to Cancel Gigs

Coronavirus has not only been infecting people for months now, it has also been infecting industry and culture. Quarantines, cautionary measures and panic have…


Building a studio with C.B. Green?!?

On my way to play my first tour of the year I stopped to visit a colleague of mine. He's got big plans to build his own studio, and I get to help! As a bonus in this video, we…


Surviving the trip to Haar

It was a wild ride to the venue in Haar - but it was worth it! The audience was amazing and the show was so much fun!