Social Media

Several people have asked how they can help my music grow, so here are some of the best ways to support me (or any other artist in your life):


1. Social Media: like, comment, and share!


Every time someone comments on my posts or gives them a "like", the social media algorithms take notice - and show my posts to more people. So every like, comment, and share you give me helps expand my audience. In fact, several of my fans have written to me on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to let me know that they discovered me online through a friend! So thanks for sharing!

Plus there's an added bonus: it always puts a huge smile on my face. :-)

Follow me on: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube


2. One-time donation


If you'd like to make a one-time financial contribution to help the music grow, simply visit my Paypal site and enter the amount you'd like to donate.

Every little bit helps; I save all my donations and then use them to help buffer the costs (and risks) of being an independent artist. For example: I recently had the opportunity to play for new audiences in Ohio and Pennsylvania - and donations from people like you helped cover my travel costs. So thank you!


3. Support the whole creative process


The days and weeks it takes to produce my songs and videos are always an unpaid initial investment on my part. And expenses during that creative process - like guitar strings, equipment maintenance, and production & marketing costs - can add up quickly.

So I use the crowdfunding site Patreon to help buffer these running costs. My patrons there give me regular micro-donations whenever I publish a video with original music on social media. Even just a dollar a month helps - in fact, my Patrons are currently helping me to fund this website! So thank you to all my Lovely Patrons!


4. Stream or purchase my music


Did you know my music is available on many of the most popular streaming platforms like Spotify, apple Music, and Deezer? So add me to your playlists! If you do, make sure to send me a screen shot so that I can do a little dance of joy.

Would you rather OWN the music? You can purchase my songs from Bandcamp and instantly download your favorite Stephanie tracks! Or you can purchase a physical CD there if that's more your style.


5. Let's book a show!


I think my fans are the BEST. Not only are they kind and encouraging, but they're also super supportive! Fans like YOU have helped me perform my music at venues in Canada, England, the US, Germany, and Denmark! How? They went to their favorite local venues and kept talking about me until the management decided to book me. Other fans turned their home into the venue by inviting me to play a house concert so they could share a special musical experience with all their friends and colleagues! So THANK YOU to all my honorary booking agents! It has been so much fun meeting all of you!