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This album is alive - watch it grow!

Listen to the songs as they grow from song sketches, to polished demos, to finished album tracks! As I write the songs, I will post videos and add them to the downloadable album on bandcamp - where I will also update each song as production progresses. Once the writing process is finished, you get to help me choose the songs that make it onto the final official album! 


Here's a playlist with behind-the-scenes videos:




How The Living Album Project works
Purchasing the album on bandcamp gives you access to all current AND future song versions. But once a song version is updated, the old one is gone forever - kind of like childhood. So if you would like to own every version of the songs, make sure you get the album now. The best part: Pay what you want for it! Want to directly support this music as it grows by paying for the album? Please do! Short on cash? Then download it for free - you still get access to all current and future song versions.


Important note: 
Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter and/or social media to ensure that you catch every version of the songs. Bandcamp will not automatically notify you of album updates - but I will!