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Impromptu Jam with C.B.Green! 

On my way to play my first tour of the year I stopped by a colleague's place to find out what mysterious musical projects he's up to. And then we had a jam session, singing C.B. Green's song, "Somebody's Hero". If you live in Germany, you've probably heard it because it's apparently on TV all the time as the soundtrack to the mydays commercials.


Surviving the trip to Haar 

It was a wild ride to the venue in Haar - but it was worth it! The audience was amazing and the show was so much fun!


Finding Harmony in France! 

I got fancy in this vlog - I didn't get stuck in just any traffic jam. It was a FRENCH traffic jam!

And then I got to meet two of the coolest people ever: Mary Bee and David Air. They have a web series called Finding Harmony. So we met up in France to record an episode together! They are both amazingly talented and it was inspiring to get to spend a few days with them.


Going to the Guitar Doctor 

Back from the tour, it was time to get my guitar tuned up. Thank goodness for guitar doctors!


North Sea Tour: Seaside Songs! 

If ever there was a whirlwind tour, this was it (literally). I had a GREAT time touring Germany's North Sea region! The audiences were great, there were sold-out shows, and there was beauty everywhere I looked. I'm glad I videoed the whole thing, because it went by in the blink of an eye!


Merrymaking with Machines 

One of my favorite jobs as a singer-songwriter and performer is playing with equipment. I love watching people use equipment in innovative ways. And it's fun to experiment with it in my own music. In today's video, I'm playing with one of my favorite pieces of gear: a vocal FX pedal!

Enjoy: Me and the "Machine"


New Toys! 

I had the chance to test out some new equipment and - as always - I used a song to do it. This time it was my original song: Fool vs. Wiseman.

Here is my test of the Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Audio Interface and Edge emulation microphone. They are definitely keepers!


Mandatory Vacation 


A couple of friends came down from Berlin to save me from myself - they abducted me from my studio and whisked me away to a remote location in the Bavarian countryside...