More than Music

Stephanie is a content creator

Singer-songwriter Stephanie Forryan also creates her own video content for her social media channels. These videos include live performances, equipment tests, vlogs about life as a working musician, and tutorials. Would you like to collaborate? Get in touch through Stephanie's contact page.


What One Woman Can Do

One Woman Wednesday

This is Stephanie's weekly video series in which she becomes a one-woman band to perform covers and original songs. Watch the entire playlist on YouTube.

Tech Talk Time on Tuesdays

Tech Talk Time

Stephanie has a weekly vlog, released every Tuesday, on the techniques and technology behind the creative process. She answers questions on everything from gear, to software, to vocal technique and how to find inspiration. Watch the entire playlist on YouTube


The Living Album Playlist

The Living Album

Stephanie's current project is creating an album from start to finish on social media. She posts every part of the creative process, from rough drafts to the songs to more produced versions. You can download current versions of the songs from Bandcamp. Or watch the entire playlist on YouTube.

The Best Review is Tech In Use

Tech Tests

Stephanie is always putting her equipment to the test - everything from microphones and FX pedals to interfaces and instruments. Watch the entire playlist on YouTube.

Behind the Scenes

Monday Music Minutes

This is Stephanie's vlog about life as a working musician. Watch the entire playlist on YouTube.


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